Micro Kickboard Mini Scooter

(Code: KIC-M003) from Kickboard
$ 79.99

The mini scooter is the quality scooter for young children. Its unique 'lean-and-steer' design allows children to use their body weight to control the steering, giving kids the feeling of 'surfing' the sidewalk, as they curve from right to left, almost like a skateboard, adding an element of fun and control that young children love.

The mini scooter is designed with 3 wheels for greater stability and control. The polyurethane wheels create a wonderfully smooth glide -- and a quiet ride (a joy for parents and children alike!).

The kickboard is low-to-the-ground and large enough for two feet, making it easy for young children to hop on and off and to switch from pushing -- to just enjoying the ride.

  • The front wheels are 4-inch in diameter and the one in back is 3-inch.
  • The two wheels in front are placed 8 inches apart for stability.
  • The handle grips are a thick, durable, comfortable rubber.
  • The length of the deck is 26.4".

Ages: 2+
Weight limit: 60 lbs.


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In 2008 Micro re-introduced kickboard as its brand in the United States. The decision was taken by the founder and the CEO of Micro, following the discovery that another company had registered the micro name in 2000, following Micro’s own international registration of the micro® brand in 1999. Confusion in the marketplace over these and other similarly named products, Micro-Mobility decided to return to the name kick and kickboard, brands that represent their high-quality, award-winning scooters and 3-wheel kickboards.