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City vs. Suburbs

Written by David Hauck


Posted on March 16 2009

Lately we've been getting requests from our customers to carry items for older children. The core of our audience is pretty much newborn to 5 or 6, though we tend to go a little older during the holidays. But we've realized that more of our customers are staying in the city longer, whether it's to give their children exposure to diversity, to the many cultural offerings a city can provide, or simply because of the down economy and the difficulty selling their condos. So we've brought in some things for older children, including Legos, science kits, books, clothes, and more.
What are you doing? Are you staying in the city with your kid(s), or are you moving to the suburbs for the bigger spaces and (some would say) better schools? Answer our poll question to the right, and feel free to elaborate with comments below.



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