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Quite a Vue

Written by David Hauck


Posted on October 26 2013

One of the coolest things we saw this year at the annual All Baby & Child Expo (or ABC as it's known) was the Vue from Baby Jogger. At first glance it looks just like any other umbrella stroller. (Think every Maclaren that you've ever seen.) Four wheels. Compact fold. It's a  couple of pounds heavier than a Triumph or UppaBaby G-Luxe, but you squint your eyes and it could be any one of dozens on the market.

But that's where the similarities end. The first major difference is, your child can face you. That's right, an umbrella stroller where the child can face you. The way it works is, the seat back will push forward toward the front wheels. At that point the back of the seat back becomes the "front" of the seat. There's another seat (in forward mode it's a great place for a purse) and five-point harness. The canopy pushes forward, too, reversing itself, and voila, it's now ready for a child to be put in facing you

It's hard to believe no one has come up with this idea before.

The second major difference is, it takes a car seat. With adapters it will take the Maxi Cosi Mico AP, the Cybex Aton 2, or the Nuna Pipa, three of the best car seats on the market. 

Oh, and did we mention it only costs $199? This is a game changer. Due to be released in early 2014.



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