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Never lose your child again

Written by David Hauck


Posted on March 14 2015

If you're a parent with a toddler or young child, chances you've been in a big crowd and lost sight of them for a moment. Or you've been at the park browsing your smartphone, only to look up and your child is nowhere to be found. Maybe they're just hiding behind the slide or digging around in the bushes, but that 15 seconds of panic is no picnic. That's why we love My BuddyTag, a silicone wristband with a tracking device that let's you know when they've moved out of sight. 

Winner of the 2014 JPMA Innovation Award, My BuddyTag sends a signal to your smartphone when your child has wandered too far away. You can set the radius for close by, or give them a little more latitude in spots where you feel comfortable. It also has a panic button if the child feels unsafe, and it will signal if it falls into water. Additional smart features include only allowing one adult to monitor the child at a time, that way it's clear who is responsible for keeping tabs on Junior. (You can monitor more than one child from one smartphone.) And if your nanny is with the child and the child wanders away from them, an email will be sent to you with a map of the location when they went out of range - nice extra protection.

We're really excited to be carrying this innovative product, and just in time for summer!



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