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Written by David Hauck


Posted on June 21 2015

Over the past few years Tadpole has been busier than ever. While we’re super grateful to you all, it’s taken a toll on our little space, and we want to make sure the store looks as good as it can.

Since we opened in 2006, we've always wanted to have the best store we can possibly have. First and foremost that means having the best, highest quality, curated collection of baby products in the industry, and service that's second to none. We hope by that measure we've exceeded your expectations.

But we are also modern design fans, and having a store that represents that feeling from the moment you walk in has always been our high goal. Unfortunately, the desire to get more products on the floor can start to clutter things up. We feel that it's time to do something about that. We want a warm inviting place that embraces you as soon as you come in.

So over the next few weeks we’re going to spruce things up – redo the floors, paint, put in some new fixtures, improve traffic flow. In general, we want to improve your overall experience. It’s going to happen in stages and unforunately we can’t do it before and after hours, so we’re going to have to close for a few days, including this Monday and Tuesday, June 22 & 23. We’re also going to close a bit around the July 4 weekend. But, is always open, and during this time we’re going to offer double points on all purchases on our site and free shipping on all orders. We apologize in advance for any inconvenience this causes and appreciate your patience.






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