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The latest baby gear from the giant baby expo!

Written by David Hauck


Posted on October 26 2015

Every year we travel to Las Vegas to the ABC Kid's Expo in search of the latest and greatest in the world of kids stuff. The show takes up 2 floors of the Las Vegas Convention Center, with hundreds of booths covering acres of territory. By the end of the 4 days your head is spinning with all the new offerings -- some good, some bad, some downright ugly. Here's a little taste of what you may see rolling into Tadpole in the next few months.


Our favorite local stroller company, UPPAbaby, has been hard at work as usual. The G-Luxe will have 3 new colors -- marine blue, grey and marigold. Coming Spring 2016.

The Cruz will now be available in one of the most popular colors for the Vista -- Indigo. This is the final step in unifying the colors across both the Vista and the Cruz, every color will be offered on both strollers while colors like Lilac will be discontinued from the Cruz. Coming Spring 2016.

But the biggest news of all is the G-Link, Uppa's first side-by-side umbrella stroller. It will have some of the great features of its cousins, the G-luxe, like great UV canopy extension, full recline, and stand-up fold. Where it makes improvements over its competitors is it can be used from birth, and there is no middle wheel, which makes the fold easier and the stroller lighter. Once again Uppa has knocked it out of the park, but we've come to expect nothing less. Coming November 2015.

GB Pockit Stroller

If you haven't seen the video for the GB Pockit Stroller then you probably haven't been on Facebook in a while. Everyone with a store or a blog -- heck, the ABC janitors were gathering around -- was filming the incredible engineering feat, which should arrive in stores in the first part of 2016. It folds to as small as 14" x 12" x 7" and weighs only 9 lbs. It may not fit in your pocket but it comes pretty close. Here, see for yourself. 







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