Klutz Make Your Own Bath Bombs

By Klutz

$ 21.99

Product Description

Totally transform your bath time experience with fizzy bubbles, fun color, and fantastic fragrances!

Chemistry, cleanliness, and relaxation combine as kids follow along with the playfully written instruction book and learn how to make twelve vibrant bath bombs in five unique shapes, right in their own kitchen.

Discover how to craft the perfect fizz. Learn about what causes chemical reactions while preparing for relaxation perfection.

Then, drop your new creations into the tub, watch the science unfold, enjoy the sensational strawberry-kiwi scent, sit back, and settle in for a good, relaxing soak.

After all – after a long day of learning – you've earned it!

Get your masters in the science of relaxation with the Klutz Make Your Own Bath Bombs kit.

Klutz Make Your Own Bath Bombs
  • Book and supplies for making your own scented, fizzing bath bombs
  • Encourages comprehension skills, creativity, scientific learning, relaxation, self-esteem
  • Get your masters in he science of relaxation!
  • Craft the perfect fizz while learning the science behind how and why it works
  • Enough quality supplies to make 12 colorful bath bombs in 5 unique shapes
  • Shapes include "yay" cloud, penguin, ice cream cone, dolphin, rainbow ball
  • All bath bombs scented with sensational strawberry kiwi scent
  • Includes 36-page book, baking soda in 3 colors, citric acid, 5 plastic molds, strawberry kiwi oil, glycerin
  • Materials required from home: Measuring spoons, mixing bowl, plastic fork or spoon, refrigerator, extra baking soda
  • High quality materials for exceptional crafting and learning experience
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