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Phil & Ted's

Phil & Ted's Lobster

$ 89.99 USD


Weighing just 2.6 lbs. and folding down flat (2" thick when folded), the Lobster is easy to carry with you on trips to grandma's and restaurants - just slip it into the neoprene storage bag. The lobster looks so good, we wouldn't blame you if you used it as a primary high chair.

The lobster attaches to any table 0.7 to 2.5" deep. The lobster claw clamps with the force of a, well, lobster while a dual trigger lock ensures hold-fast safety.

Because babies tend toward the messy end of things, the lobster uses removable and washable fabric for easy wash & wear. You'll also appreciate having a high chair just for baby - no more nasty restaurant high chairs.

  • Innovative one hand clamp & lock system for secure, fuss free attachment
  • Holds children up to 55 lbs.
  • Unbelievably lightweight: won't tilt the scales at baggage check!
  • Neoprene carry bag to take the knocks: keep lobster in its shell
  • Formidable claw strength: more bite than a bull dog!